Lalin Property Public Company Limited Background

          Lalin Property Public Co., Ltd. was founded on 8 September 1988 with an initial registered capital amount of 20 million baht and Mr. Taweesak Watchararakkawong and Mr. Chaiyan Chakarakul as the major shareholders. The company is in the business of housing development with the slogan “Homes Built with Good Intention”. The first townhouse projects were opened under the name “Lully Ville” in two locations, Srinagarindra Road and Thupatemi Road, and consisted of 800 units on a combined area of 88 rai. The total value for the projects was 1,100 million baht. Currently, the projects have already closed. Nevertheless, the project has been continuously launching housing projects, even during the economic crisis of 1997.

          During the real estate business crisis, the company pioneered many new aspects of housing development marketing such as the Friend Get Friend Project and the use of the escrow account system to build consumer confidence, etc. This has made the company one of only a few companies in the real estate business that did not need to enter a recovery and restructuring plan with a financial institute. Moreover, the company also lead the implementation of the strategy involving the purchase of projects and land, which are collateral of non-performing loans (NPL) of financial institutes, and the purchase of property from the Financial Sector Restructuring Authority’s (FRA) property auctions in order to develop more projects. This resulted in the company being able to develop projects continuously and increase our sales every year. In addition, the operational costs are able to compete with competitors in a highly competitive state such as the present.

          The company has increased our registered capital continually to support the expansion of the development of projects. Presently, the company has a total paid-up capital amount of 825 million baht and changed our status to a public company on 3 September 2002.


Company Name: Lalin Property Public Company Limited
Business Type:  Real Estate Development
Registration No.:  40854500696
Accounting Period:  1 January – 31 December
Registered Capital:  925 million baht
Paid-up Capital:  825 million baht
Set Value:   1 baht per Share
Founding Date:   September 1988
Address: 222/2 Srinakarin Road Huamark Sub-District,  Bangkapi District,  Bangkok 10240, Telephone: 02-732-1041-5 , 02-732-3810-9, Fax: 02-377-9656
Main Sharesholder:  Mr. Taweesak Watchararakkawong, Mr. Chaiyan Chakarakul