Vision Mission


Lalin Property is determined to become a leader in residential real estate with continuous and sustainable growth based on quality care and true attention to the living requirements of customers.


Lalin Property is a real estate development company that meets standard quality on outstanding venues with modern characteristics at value prices in order to deliver quality living experiences to occupants with good determination and true attention to customer requirements.


L A L I N represents the values held by Lalin Property as a guideline for human resources development and business growth. LALIN is composed of the following:

L Long Term Thinking means long-term thinking with insight into the business’ continued survival and growth.
A Adaptation means adaptability to surrounding conditions through analysis of various factors affecting business success on a regular basis.
L Life Style means true customer understanding in order to respond to and deliver a good way of life, life-style and society to customers through construction using only bricks, rocks, concrete and sand.
I Innovation means the development of new innovations for the purpose of increasing competitive capacity, e.g., tunnel form and precast methods, etc.
N Networking means presence of networks and alliances to create sustainable business success.